Strategic Directions | SEIZE (Solidarity Economy Incubation Zone)

SEIZE Strategic Directions 2023-2026

In the winter of 2023, the SEIZE Team and Board of Directors went on a retreat to discuss its long-term goals for the organizations. Following these discussions, four (4) key directions were chosen.

Cultivate an Engaged Membership Base

• Create concise onboarding system for user, support, & worker members

• Develop Constituent Relationship Management tool (CRM) to improve communication strategy

• Create a working group structure to extend membership engagement

• Develop programs and activities to move members down the engagement funnel

Act as a radical entry point to the Social Solidarity Economy Ecosystem

• Strategically expand the curriculum and services to other geographic locations

• Improve the online learning experience for curriculum participants

• Host events and produce materials to attract a wider audience to the principals of the solidarity economy

Advance the SEIZE sectoral incubation approach

• Facilitate a network of knowledge sharing to scale and build the internal capacity of organizations

• Incubate cooperatives and social enterprises to cultivate solidarity throughout the value chain and across our sector focus areas

• Develop SEIZE’s internal capacity to scale up incubation services

Lead by example: Act in solidarity with membership and beyond

• Create resources and provide trainings to our members and other support member organizations

• Cultivate partnerships and bolster organizations to fufill their mandates as its aligns with our members

• Participate in the creation of solidarity networks to cultivate unified power across sectors