We exist so you can SEIZE entrepreneurship for the people and the planet!

We educate. We organize.
We incubate worker-led organizations.

For a just, democratic, and social solidarity economy.

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We strategically incubate organizations that are leading the transition to a new economy—helping organizers, activists and entrepreneurs build a strong foundation for a transformative movement.

This is the economy that our movement imagines:

How do we all build this economy? Our strategy is grounded in three pillars:



We develop and mobilize networks to push forward a democratic economy that aligns us with the need for human solidarity and ecological vitality.



We help collective entrepreneurs and community organizers access the skills and strategies they need to be engaged in the social solidarity economy.



We support a network of non-profit’s and cooperative enterprises (and emerging projects) in strategic sectors—accelerating the transition to a more people and planet centric economy.

What makes us think we can actually make this new economy a reality?

Well, we’re local actors within a global movement and we’re already co-creating this reality.

Globally, it’s a movement that trades in trillions of dollars annually, and employs 280 million people.

So join us -

start learning, building, and uniting for a better economy.