Solidarity Economy
Incubation for
Zero Emissions

(or, SEIZE for short)

Like it says above, SEIZE stands for Solidarity Economy Incubation (feel free to add the words for Zero Emissions at the end if you’re an acronym purist).

We are a member-based democratic organization that serves a thriving community of solidarity economy organizers and entrepreneurs in Montreal.

is to advance the transition from capitalism to a more sustainable, democratic, and human-centric economy. We aim to do this through collective capacity building and solidarity entrepreneurship.

New collective enterprises are usually suffocated by the reality of the market they’re trying to enter. They can’t grow, so they can’t displace the extractive and profiteering enterprises that currently dominate almost every sector.

On the other hand, the social solidarity economy movement is much stronger than we think—especially in Quebec.

Our goal is not only to uplift new collective enterprises through funding, expertise, and networks— but also to plug them into the global movement for economic transformation. This is how we give collective enterprises in their infant stages ground to stand on and air to breathe.

With some support, these enterprises can grow in strategic sectors—eventually displacing the private enterprises that treat people and the planet like replaceable cogs in the machine. Sector by sector, brick by brick, SEIZE is focused on transforming the economic system.

What does this look like?

Well, it means we want to support businesses like this ridiculously consequential donut shop:

Board of Directors

Jessica Cabana

User Member

Dru Oja Jay

Worker Member

Olavo de Macedo Collins

User Member

Quinn Brunet

User Member

Thomas MacMillan

User Member

Malcolm McClintock

Worker Member


One support member seat is currently vacant

Worker Members

Olivia Champagne

Worker Member
General Coordinator [general@solidarityeconomy.ca]

Marcus Peters

Worker Member
External Coordinator

Lumina Kitaura

Auxiliary Worker Member
Community Action Research Coordinator

Alexandra Leclair

Auxiliary Worker Member
Fundraising Coordinator

David Feng

Auxiliary Worker Member
Outreach Support Coordinator

Maeve Brennagh-Mackie

Auxiliary Worker Member
Content Coordinator

Governance & Transparency

Financial Statements

SEIZE endorses financial transparent practices and upholds Canadian accounting standard for not-for-profit organizations. 

Annual Impact Reports

Check out the details and highlights of our activities!

General Meeting Minutes


SEIZE is incorporated as a federal non-profit; however, you may notice that our bylaws reflect the values of a solidarity cooperative.

Basis of Unity

Underlying all of SEIZE's actions is a set of core principles on which we base our principles, our purpose, and our connection to one another.

Opt-out Info

As a Concordia Undergraduate you can opt-out of contributing to SEIZE during the semesterly opt out period.

Our Support Members

Learn more about becoming a member here

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