We incubate so you can BUILD organizations that lead the transition to a better economy!

Our incubator provides training, networks, and funding for worker-led businesses

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a place where newly birthed worker-led projects are supported and  nurtured into  empowered to become self-sustaining organizations with the capacity to change the world for the people and the planet.

   - resources & network
   - support services
   - funding

Like most incubators, we offer funding and networks.

We also offer a range of vital services for enterprise development

SEIZE isn’t a traditional business incubator – SEIZE strategically incubates sectors and organizations that are leading the transition to a new economy.

To see if your project qualifies, check out our incubation selection criteria below:


Does the idea resonate with people?
  • Fitness of concept/idea
  • Survivability/durability
  • Resources available


Does it have the bones to stand on it own?
  • Skills around the table/being developed/idea
  • Demonstrable dedication to the project
  • Additional supports and advisors

Network Synergy

Does it compliment the other seeds we are sowing?
  • Opportunities for building solidarity
  • Economic integration with the SSE
  • Value add to SSE network


Does it fit within the direction we are paddling?
  • Strategic direction/vision alignment
  • Scope of incubation support request
  • SEIZE internal capacity to provide what the project needs

Interested in an initial consultation to apply for incubation services from SEIZE?

Up to 5 projects per year are eligible to receive:

  • Quarterly coaching sessions
  • Access to shared development resources (software, legal, HR, administrative, etc.)
  • $1000 in project seed funding

Below are some of the current projects we are supporting to incubate: 

Below are some of the past projects we've incubated:

Additional SEIZE Support Programs Include:

Social Economy Mentorship Internship [SEMI] Program

The SEMI program aims to foster professional development in the world of the social solidarity economy (SSE) by pairing experienced mentors with aspiring individuals seeking to develop a project or to learn new skills. The SEMI program is designed to support the development of your soft and hard skills while you contribute meaningfully to an SSE project. Apply with your own project or be placed as an intern with an active SSE project

To learn more about our projects, get in touch with our General Coordinator at projects[@]