Support Member Solidarity Micro-Fund

Welcome to the SEIZE's New
Support Member Solidarity Micro-Fund!

We are thrilled to introduce this innovative straight forward fund designed to empower our SEIZE membership to uphold the principles of solidarity and mutual aid. Through this fund, we aim to support initiatives and activities that bolster the social solidarity economy.

At SEIZE, we believe in the power of resource sharing. The Support Member Micro-Fund embodies our commitment to rejecting the myth of scarcity and cultivating collective resources. By redistributing these resources to the social solidarity economy, we practice and promote values like financial transparency and communal support.

Example Initiatives


A Support Member Individual would like financial support to host a poetry night as a fundraiser for a cause of their choice. 


A Support Member Individual would like to give a donation to another non-profit to purchase warm clothing for people without homes.


A Support Member Organization would like financial support and to collaborate with SEIZE on organizing an event!

Our approach is simple yet impactful: we invest directly in the solidarity economy through financial gifts, pooling resources, and sharing information. This fund not only supports our members' initiatives directly but also reinforces our dedication to creating a network rooted in equity and cooperation.

Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient social solidarity economy! Join us in enacting the principles of solidarity and mutual aid, apply to the fund today!


Applications are limited to support members of SEIZE. Becoming a member of SEIZE is more accessible than ever, learn more here

Members are limited to one disbursement per year to ensure fair distribution of resources.


The fund accepts proposals between $200-$500, allowing flexibility for different types of projects. 

The total fund available for 2024 is $5,000. 


The SEIZE Board of Directors reviews applications at each board meeting, which occurs approximately every second month. Applications are approved according to their alignment with the SEIZE mission, principles and strategic directions

 If you have any questions about the solidarity micro-fund, please don't hesitate to reach out to

The fund accepts proposals within the budget range of $200-$500 for each application, allowing flexibility for different types of projects. The total fund is $5000 for the 2024 fiscal year. 

Check out some of the funded initiatives: