SEIZE periodically endeavours to research key topics within our 5 sectors to better clarify the strengths, challenges, and opportunities within the social solidarity economy (SSE). Below you can find the past, present, and future research SEIZE has been a part of.

2024 Community Action Research

Land Back Map

With The Breach, a Land Back map that documents crown land across Canada.

COOPSCO Case Study

Highlight and promote the a unique food systems service model on university campuses.

Housing Survey

A national survey of housing groups to identify points of consensus and debate around policy, action and organizing.

Tech policy

With IT sector cooperators, exploring areas of campaigning and advocacy

Getting our Tech Together

SEIZE surveyed 15 worker-run enterprises in the information technology sector, and gathered some encouraging facts:

  • Tech coops in Montreal account for over $7 million in annual revenues
  • They employ over 100 people (part-time and full-time)
  • A lot of them are new

Read the report: