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Become a Member of SEIZE!

SEIZE is a non-profit organization that is structured like a solidarity cooperative. Therefore, our members are the backbone of our mission, promoting a culture of solidarity through accessible education, experiential learning, the creation of new enterprises, advocacy, research and the expansion of a network for economic transformation.

Whether you’re a User Member exploring the movement and accessing valuable resources, a Support Member deepening your commitment through our curriculum or SEMI program, or a Worker Member actively participating in our cooperative governance model, SEIZE has a place for you! 

Basis of Unity

The principles that guide our actions and connection to one another


People come from many different understandings and backgrounds; within the organization and outside, we meet people where they are and start from our shared humanity and experience of economic exploitation.

Class consciousness

Participants may come from many different class positions and we strive to be conscious of the socialization and values that we have inherited from our families, neighbourhoods, workplaces and educational institutions.

Anti-oppression & Pro-solidarity

The humanity and dignity of every person are non-negotiable (with the possible exception of some billionaire elites and those who act on their behalf). Discriminationbased on (but not limited to) race, sex, gender, ability, class, status, citizenship and age must not only be rejected in every instance, but also be met with active solidarity. Oppression is embedded within Canadian culture and we understand dismantling it is an ongoing process involving recognizing each other in our shared humanity, which we commit to in good faith


The process of displacing people from their land – and severing their connection to it – is ongoing. It’s the reason many of us are here, and it’s an engine of Canada’s economy. We commit to making decolonization central to the new economy by supporting the land rights and sovereignty of Indigenous Nations. By understanding our own origins in terms of displacement and our relationship to land and colonial theft, we aim to rebuild land-based stewardship at every level of the economy.

Political independence

SEIZE will not accept any funding or enter into any agreement that compromises our ability to make decisions democratically and advance our goals and values. We will take steps to prevent the influence of powers not informed by our members’ needs and our collective goals on our organization. As a membership network, we support each other to maintain our sovereignty and stay true to our values.

Continuous Learning

At SEIZE we aim to democratize educational practices by recognizing that everyone is a learner and everyone is a teacher. We commit to a continuous learning framework and the ongoing education of both ourselves and our membership. Through popular education we aim to build new leadership across the social solidarity economy movement.


At SEIZE we recognize that the climate crisis is a result of the emissions generated by global economic activity. Urgent and coordinated global action is needed within the next decade to combat the growing climate threat. We aim to prioritize supporting organizations that take part in a broader ecological strategy towards an economic model free from a dependence on fossil fuels and other carbon- intensive industries.

Shared resources

We reject the myth of scarcity and build collective resources to redistribute to the social solidarity economy. We practice the values we wish to see reflected more broadly in our society and culture such as financial transparency. We invest directly in the solidarity economy through financial gifts, pooling resources and sharing information.
The space in between our organizations and silos must be bridged. We prioritize building trade networks across cooperative and SE organizations. 

User Members 

Are you ready to dip your toes into the transformative world of the social solidarity economy? As a User Member of SEIZE, you'll gain access to dynamic resources and become connected to a network of like-minded individuals. Our community is here to support your journey, providing you with the tools and connections you need to explore and engage with our mission. Join us as a User Member and start making meaningful connections and accessing valuable resources today!

To Qualify

  • Agree to the basis of unity of SEIZE
  • Have either:
    • paid a minimum of 20$, or provide an in-kind equivalent of 20$ toward SEIZE, or
    • be a Concordia undergraduate student who has not opted out of the SEIZE fee levy.

Why join?

  • The right to vote at members' meetings;
  • Access services and program provided by SEIZE;
  • Eligible to join committees, working groups and the board of directors;

Support Members 

Are you deeply committed to the social solidarity economy movement?  As a Support Member of SEIZE, your dedication is recognized and rewarded.  Designed for individuals and organizations contributing at least 40 hours to our mission, this membership category offers representation for those involved in our programming (such as curriculum facilitators or SEMI program mentors).  Support Members are prioritized in resource allocation and gain exclusive access to the new SEIZE Support Member Solidarity Micro-fund!

After submitting your support member application form, please note that approval from the SEIZE Board of Directors may take up to two months. Join us and amplify your impact within the social solidarity economy!

To Qualify

  • Have the experience of contributing 40 hours or more to a Social Solidarity Economy initiative or project
  • Have either:
    • Paid a minimum of 20$, provided an in-kind equivalent of 20$, or
    • be a Concordia undergraduate student who has not opted out of the SEIZE fee levy
  • Apply to be a member and be approved for membership by an ordinary resolution of the board.

Why join?

  • The right to vote at members' meetings
  • Access services and programs provided by SEIZE;
  • Eligible to join committees, working groups and the board of directors


Support Member Human Spotlight

We have the privelege of working alongside a brilliant coalition of mentors, community practictioners, academics and entrepreneurs. Check out some of our support members in the spotlight section below: 

Curriculum Facilitators
SEMI Mentors
Marcus Peters
Shylah Wolfe
Shylah is a professionally trained chef and community organizer. Before becoming the Executive Director at Concordia Food Coalition, she cooked at the Hive Café Coop, coordinated CHNGR MTL and was the Project Manager of Local Food and Farm Cooperative.
Nathan McDonnell
Erik Chevrier
Chloë Williams

Chloë has over 10 years of experience in activism, community organizing, and co-op development. She has a particular interest in business-to-co-op conversions and worker co-op development. She currently works for the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation and holds a Master’s of Management, Cooperatives, and Credit Unions from Saint Mary’s University. In her spare time, she loves hanging with friends, camping, and playing Ultimate Frisbee!

Support Member Organizations

Canadian Workers Coop Federation
Concordia Food Coalition
The Breach
New Roots Worker Co-op
Co-op Bar Milton-Parc
Coop Cultivaction
Brique par Brique
The Woodnote
Populus Solidarity Coop
The Refugee Center

Worker Members 

Are you passionate about driving positive change and eager to work within a dynamic and collaborative community? Become a Worker Member at SEIZE and join us in advancing the social solidarity economy!

As a Worker Member, you’ll actively participate in our cooperative governance model, ensuring that your voice shapes the future of our organization. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in meaningful projects, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to equitable, ecologically sound, and democratic economic activities.

Come work with us and be a part of a movement that’s transforming the economy from the ground up!

If you are interested in being contacted about internship and job opportunities, then we invite you pass along your CV through the link below.