We incubate so you can
BUILD organizations that
lead the transition to
a better economy!

Our incubator provides training,
networks, and funding for
worker-led businesses.



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a place where newly birthed worker-led projects are
supported and nurtured into empowered to become
self-sustaining organizations with the capacity to change the
world for the people and the planet.


-resources & network
-support services

Like most incubators we offer
funding and networks.

We also offer a range of vital
services for enterprise development.


Capacity Building

Marketing &

Financial Planning
& Management

Here are some of the businesses that
we’ve incubated:

The Breach Media

The Breach Media is an independent Canadian media outlet—producing critical
and future-looking journalism for a just and viable future.

We supported The Breach with consultative and administrative support—in
addition to writing their Business Plan for launch.

The outcome?

$287, 000

In Pre-Launch Funding


Paying Members


Audience Members within
three weeks of official

The Hive Café Solidarity Cooperative

The Hive is a café that serves thousands of Montrealers (primarily students at Concordia University) each month—sourcing their food from local suppliers and supporting regenerative food systems.

We supported the governance of The Hive, serving continuously on their Board of Directors since their founding, developed financial management strategies, and built them an expansion feasibility plan.

The outcome?

7 years

of sustainable


User-Members of the

4 years

of an operating
surplus (profit)

New Roots Worker Cooperative

Based in B.C., New Roots is the only tree planting workers cooperative in B.C.

We supported New Roots through the worker-led acquisition of Tree Amigo’s Inc., the transition to a worker-owned governance structure, network-building initiatives with the local tree-planting workforce, and the creation of a cooperative tree-planting fund.

The outcome?

4 years

of sustainable


Worker-Members of the Organizations

5 million +

Tree’s planted

Current Projects:

To learn more about our projects, get in touch with our General Coordinator at projects[@]solidarityeconomy.ca